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February 2017 Featured Members 

Derek Hilbbard, IMG UCLA/ Rose Bowl, (Pasadena)


A graduate of Purdue University he works closely with the Rose Bowl and UCLA on branding and marketing. Every business has a story to tell—A need to engage, inform and impact their audience while also delivering on measurable business goals. I help clients find the ideal medium and messaging that reaches and engages their target audience while achieving business objectives. 


Keith Johnson – Founder, Falcons Youth and Family Services (Los Angeles, CA)

Falcons Youth and Family Services

About Us

Youth in South Los Angeles communities are faced with several disparities and challenges, including poor academics, high school dropout, gang violence, drug use, lack of social responsibility, teen pregnancy, character issues, childhood obesity and an overall sense of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair. In the spring of 2006 J Tech Institute, Inc. became a community-based organization (Falcons Youth and Family Services) and opted to use the social capitol of sports (American Football), mentoring and to promote/support the development of self-assured, future-oriented youth become positive, productive adults.



To empower disadvantaged, underserved youth to excel in life through educational services, health/nutritional awareness, physical activities, social responsibility, cultural appreciation and long-term mentoring; furthermore to rebuild youth and families by repairing the damage done by social messages that do not teach or validate personal and or social responsibility. 

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