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Tony Collins has performed on the biggest stage imaginable for a football player -The Super Bowl. Tony was selected in the second round of the NFL Draft in 1981 and spent eight seasons with the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. His successful football career was highlighted by a Pro Bowl selection in 1983, a single-game rushing record of 212 yards for the Patriots, and a trip to Super Bowl XX. Tony spent his college career breaking records at East Carolina University (ECU) and was inducted into the ECU Hall Of Fame. Although he did not complete his undergraduate degree during his initial time at ECU, realizing the value of an education, he returned back to school and received his bachelor's degree in communications in May of 2011.


While Tony's on the field successes were many, the destructive CHOICES he made off the field resulted in a downward spiral. Tony shares his story in his recently published biography, BROKEN ROAD, Turning My Mess Into A Message. His story is a reminder that positive thinking has the power to save a life.

Tony is here today to share how the healthy lifestyle choices we make today can impact our quality of life tomorrow.


In his book Broken Road - Turning My Mess Into A Message, Tony Collins shares his heartfelt story and his 18 year journey from drug addiction to redemption.

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