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The Founders Circle Members

Brandi Winans is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker/Meyers-Briggs Practicioner/Life Coach, born in a small town in North Carolina, while her Father was in the Marine Corp. She grew up in St. Pete Beach, Florida and has lived in Northern, Southern California and Mexico. Married to former Pro NFL Player, Jeff Winans for over 30 years, she details their life story in her latest book, "The Flip Side of Glory" as told from the wife's perspective. In a story of Love, Acceptance, and hope, her faith was tested beyond her wildest imagination after losing everything and learning that it's never too late to start over. (Tierra Verde, FL) 


Keith Johnson – Founder, Falcons Youth and Family Services (Los Angeles, CA)

Youth in South Los Angeles communities are faced with several disparities and challenges, including: poor academics, high school dropout, gang violence, drug use, lack of social responsibility, teen pregnancy, character issues, childhood obesity and an overall sense of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair. In the spring of 2006 J Tech Institute, Inc. became a community-based organization (Falcons Youth and Family Services) and opted to use the social capital of sports (American Football), mentoring and to promote/support the development of self-assured, future-oriented youth become positive, productive adults.( Los Angeles)  CONTACT:

$ocial Entrepreneur Leave footprints in the sands of time! Always Improve for better, faster and more efficient! Think Big! Work hard and enjoy the ride! Be in the Business of Change. Everyday, I have the opportunity to serve youth of the Lennox community during the most pivotal years of their sociological development through the Lennox Enrichment After School Program (LEAP). I enjoy the privilege of operating a program which helps to lay a solid academic and civic foundation for these youth as they prepare to be productive adults. I enjoy being able to expose our youth to life's realities, expand their thought process, and encourage them to believe in themselves without limitations.  (Lennox) CONTACT INFORMATION:

George Visger, The Visger Group, CEO and Author

George coordinates directly with Dr. Rich Ellenbogen, co-chair of the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Injury Group to reduce brain injuries in football. The Visger Rules – Recommended Changes to NFL Rules, were featured in Sports Digest (Dec, 2010), and many of his rules have been implemented to date.  George consults directly with Senator Ted Gaines and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, Dr. Bennett Omalu, Dr. Barry Sears, and conducts Brain Injury Recovery seminars, Coaches Concussion Clinics and motivational speeches throughout the country.


Chris Ward, Phd, Retired NFL All-Pro, Minister

Chris has a Doctorate of Theology degree. Founder, Chief Executive, President Ward International Corporation, Licensed Financial Consultant, Licensed Loan Officer, Licensed Real Estate Agent and Licensed Life. All Pro National Football League –N.Y. Jets, N.O. Saints, S.F. 49ers, Miami Dolphins, NFL Legends, NFLPA Los Angeles Executive Secretary , Ohio State all Century Team, OSU Hall of Fame, Nominee College Football Hall of Fame, Heisman Trophy Runner-up, two time Ohio State Football consensus All American. ,, (Inglewood, CA) 



WHO DO I WORK WITH ? The Bold, The Passionate, The Ambitious

ENTREPRENEURS :Life is changing at the speed of technology ( which is faster than most of us can keep up with! ) This pace can often throw us off balance in ways that impact more than our business. Reclaiming control of our energetics as we devise strategies to move forward often benefits greatly from the support of an experienced coach using proven processes of personal leadership and skill management. If you are ready to DISCOVER the magic of executive coaching and the EASE it can bring into challenging career situations, contact me today and schedule a complimentary conversation about what is most important for YOU at this time in your business and life.


Casey Cummings, Branding Manager, Entrepreneur  

A graduate of Northwestern University where he played football Casey is a Los Angeles-based Branding professional. He currently is working on his FUXION business based here in Southern California.  (Long Beach) CONTACT: 

Dr. Liby as she is know in business and education circles has been a leader in the education field for over 30 years. As the founder of 21st Century Staffing her leadership is recognized nationwide. 21st Century Staffing provides substitute and permanent staffing solutions to school districts thought the west from their headquarters in Southern California. (Norwalk)


Lou Di Giacomo, Entrepreneur, Music & ESL Teacher  

Lou is a serial entrepreneur he currently owns Looking Backward and consults with business on development and schools in the development of music programs. An ESL teacher and coach for the past thirty years he brings a wealth of international experience and relationships’ to the table. (Burbank)  


Mark  is widely known as an education entrepreneur and technology expert.  He is sought after by teaching professionals, parents, and various learning institutions in both private and public sectors.  Specializing in growth and organizational development. When institutions are failing or not meeting desired goals they call on Mark. As seen on NBC and OWN Mark currently owns Bridell Institute a global academic service provider for all age groups.  Mark is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, High School Principal, Paid Public Speaker, Teacher, Life Coach and Ordained Pastor. As a former talk radio host for KVOH Mark has inspired the lives of many. Mark has mentored socially displaced adults in earning degrees and has coached the uncoachable.  CONTACT:


Reginald Grant, MSEd is an English Teacher, author and leading expert on Reaching and Teaching African American and other urban youth. A former NFL player for the New York Jets, he also finds time to serve on several boards of national organizations working with youth. His latest book is "Thoughts of an Urban Teacher" (2017).He is also  the author of "Success Stories Insights by African American Men" and the workbook for young readers (2016),”A Case for Bilingual Education” (2015),“A Teacher’s View Education in America.”(2014) and numerous teacher guides, workbooks and articles. Has a Master’s in Education, Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). He has been an California Certificated  English teacher since 2002.



I specialize in Mass Tort Litigation related to injuries caused by corporations for their profit. I am able to get the maximum recovery unlike others, because they will settle for pennies on the dollar to pay for the ads on tv. I practice in every state that a client suffers an injury caused by a company. I have handled cases against BP relating to the Oil Spill, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and other large corporations. I recently settled an ignition switch death case against General Motors for 4 Million dollars. I represent former NFL players that have suffered neuro-cognitive impairment as a result of repetitive brain trauma. I am married to my beautiful wife with 3 amazing children. I live in a suburb of Jackson, Mississippi and am a member of the Pinelake Church family in Brandon, Ms. If you are suffering from any problem related to negligence on the part of others, The Chad Jones Law Firm  is capable of getting the maximum result. (Jackson, MS)  


Corporate accounting and comptroller in Paris, France. Owner of French Jew'rney a tour company that brings students to America and other destinations each summer for cultural and vacation English programs. CONTACT:


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