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Reverend Bryan C Jones

Executive Director and Co-founder of the H.O.O.P Foundation Inc. is a revered public speaker, teacher and proud mentor to a community of our youth population. As a visionary for social change and responsibility, his level of commitment of public outreach is driven by his own personal experiences. Keeping the mind set of each one teach one, Bryan has focused on ministering not only at church New Mount Pleasant MBC, (Inglewood CA) also, within the local community but teaching Project Fatherhood, Healthy Relationships classes to reach at-risk youth and their parents. These teachings provide and promote a purpose driven life to warrant higher achievements in education, self-respect and discipline.


His level of selflessness allows him to hone in on unaddressed issues and challenges within our community. To fully execute his mission “Perfecting imperfect people,” Bryan realizes the importance of tapping into not only internal resources but expands his efforts beyond his own organization. Bryan currently holds the title of Director of Transitional Programs in the Human Services Field at Filipino American Services Group, Inc. since 2006. Prior to FASGI he spent five years with Gateways Homeless Services holding the position of Housing Liaison and Case Coordinator from 2002 to 2009. Through social networking with other organizations focused on making a societal change for our cultural climate, his efforts will result in great accomplishments.

(Inglewood CA) 

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