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47 Million Reasons for Healthcare Reform Movement

  Ashford University

West Palm Beach, Florida Area


As Chairman of 47MR our mission is to open private all-inclusive health resource centers in every global community for the care of its resident members. The idea is to create these Resource Centers which primary focus on education, prevention, nutrition, food, and tele-medicine improving and maintaining your health by providing all of the basic health care needs in one convenient virtual center. In the US the current medical clinics and wellness centers that hospitals offer, the new ACO's and PCMH's model's being created is not offering cost effective solutions, have not changed the current fee for service system or addressed the high deductibles. Our alternative choice resolves this problem and provides a social impact in the community under the 47MR wellness strategy.

My extensive 35 years experience in the insurance and financial services business has involved advising and consulting CEO businesses in self-insuring, designing new creative idea in budgeting the cost of healthcare, investments and financing, and wellness since 1985. As a business entrepreneur that has spend my life serving others, I am interested in solutions which first considers the social impact. I welcome any organizations and companies interested in solving the social issues, like healthcare.

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