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As creator and CEO of the Bully Awareness Network, Dr. Spinner has been involved in changing lives his whole life. It's this passion for youth that has led his desire and determination of helping students and turned it into a lifelong goal. A former professional basketball player, Dr. Spinner has leveraged his opportunities to help others.


First and foremost, God is the center of my ministry of seeing others rights of passage protected. Second, as an educator for 22 years in various capacities from being national education consultant to teaching kids with special needs. In addition to being a former professional basketball player who is now winning off the court by kids believing they can live in peace and end all forms of bullying. Actor in three movies American Bad Boy Katt Williams; Revival Chaka Khan; EDTV Ron Howard; Woody Hurelson. Also, executive produced three major music projects under big spin records.


In keeping with the mission of the Bully Awareness Network (“BAN”) to end all forms of bullying in our community and nation inclusive of domestic violence,  BAN is seeking to empower women, who have been abused or have been victims of domestic violence, that there is hope after damaging relationships or situations that have left these women unsure or confused as to their purpose, bewildered as to whether anything good can come of their lives or afraid to think bigger or beyond their past. Oftentimes, these women are left without hope, faith or love for themselves.  BAN’spresident, Dr. JJ Spinner, believes that part of circumventing many problems prevalent in the world is to ensure the wholeness and wellness of all people, especially women who, oftentimes, are really the backbone of society because of their purpose and the numerous roles that women play that interweaves our society together.



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