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Looking to get ahead? Have you branded yourself as a leader? My clients ace interviews and get promotions!


If you haven't branded yourself in your company and in your industry, you're in luck! My clients range from astronauts to entrepreneurs, to CEO's and Athletes. They desire to be inspiring, and confident to be able to lead, to promote, to communicate with ease and to have fun doing it! 

I can help you become confident, powerful and influential. Let's connect and see if we're a match. or 855-96-INSPIRE

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••My number one goal is to get you the most profit and growth in your business as a rainmaker, speaker or influencer. If you struggle with getting your audience to respond emotionally to your message, you're not getting the job or attention you want, then you deserve and are ready for some serious and rapid improvements to your personal presence on stage or as a motivator, then we need to talk!

Go to http://www. and we can talk from there! 
Also, visit: to review my DVDs that teach networking skills! 

Additionally, as a speaker, I challenge audiences to create an atmosphere of clear and concise, sizzling conversations that will advance their relationships with their clients! 
Check out my website for more topics to challenge your company to become more well-rounded, successful professionals! 

Lets talk! My email is to reach Mary Gardner Communications! 

Specialties: Spokesperson
Speech coaching; Speech writing
Charisma Coaching! 
Strategic Personal Branding, Business Development, Marketing & PR,
Coach/Trainer. TV host, 
Facilitator for Meetings,
Group Sales Coaching,
Master of Ceremonies for Conferences, 
Brainstorming, creative thinking

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