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Reginald Grant, MSEd is an English Teacher, author and leading expert on Reaching and Teaching African American and other urban youth. A former NFL player for the New York Jets, he also finds time to serve on several boards of national organizations working with youth. His latest book is "Thoughts of an Urban Teacher" (2017). He is also  the author of "Success Stories Insights by African American Men" and the workbook for young readers (2016),”A Case for Bilingual Education” (2015),“A Teacher’s View Education in America.”(2014) and numerous teacher guides, workbooks and articles. Has a Master’s in Education, Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). He has been an California Certificated  English teacher since 2002.


Brandi Winans is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker/Meyers-Briggs Practicioner/Life Coach, born in a small town in North Carolina, while her Father was in the Marine Corp. She grew up in St. Pete Beach, Florida and has lived in Northern, Southern California and Mexico. Married to former Pro NFL Player, Jeff Winans for over 30 years, she details their life story in her latest book, "The Flip Side of Glory" as told from the wife's perspective. In a story of Love, Acceptance, and hope, her faith was tested beyond her wildest imagination after losing everything and learning that it's never too late to start over. (Tierra Verde, FL) 



WHO DO I WORK WITH ? The Bold, The Passionate, The Ambitious

ENTREPRENEURS :Life is changing at the speed of technology ( which is faster than most of us can keep up with! ) This pace can often throw us off balance in ways that impact more than our business. Reclaiming control of our energetics as we devise strategies to move forward often benefits greatly from the support of an experienced coach using proven processes of personal leadership and skill management. If you are ready to DISCOVER the magic of executive coaching and the EASE it can bring into challenging career situations, contact me today and schedule a complimentary conversation about what is most important for YOU at this time in your business and life.


Chris Ward, Phd, Retired NFL All-Pro, Minister

Chris has a Doctorate of Theology degree. He is a Fellowship member of Crenshaw Christian Center under the teaching of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price for seven years.  Sept. 1991 answered call to full time ministry by relocating permanently to southern California completed one year School of Ministry at Crenshaw Christian Center. In 1998 founded Ward International Corporation/foundation and in 2000 founded Ward International Ministries, Apostle Presiding Prelate to present. Founder, Chief Executive, President Ward International Corporation, Licensed Financial Consultant, Licensed Loan Officer, Licensed Real Estate Agent and Licensed Life. All Pro National Football League –N.Y. Jets, N.O. Saints, S.F. 49ers, Miami Dolphins, NFL Legends, NFLPA Los Angeles Executive Secretary , Ohio State all Century Team, OSU Hall of Fame, Nominee College Football Hall of Fame, Heisman Trophy Runner-up, two time Ohio State Football consensus All American. ,, (Inglewood, CA) 


Mr. Hardy is a long time Texas coaching legend and entrepreneur. Releasing his two new books “7 Figure Side-Hustle” and Winology™ The 48 Laws of Winning. He has helped thousands of student-athletes find and succeed in colleges across the nation. His innovative philosophy and systems are copied and in high demand. (Dallas,  TX) CONTACT:

Founder Total Student-Athlete, Author

Michael Kostoff, M.A. Ed. has coached football at the high school and college level since 1990. His recruiting experience has given him a solid understanding of the recruiting process especially at the DII and DIII levels. He has encountered a number of gifted and talented athletes who were lost, confused and unaware of the recruiting process. (Michigan)


Dr. Hickey is the Founder and Executive Director of Each One - Teach One Alliance for Academic Access, Achievement, and Success, an organization that focuses on efforts to heighten community awareness of the overwhelming importance of reforming educational practices targeting at-risk youth. He is also the CEO/President of the Admired Man Leadership Institute and author of "Admired Man." CONTACT:

Dr. Michael Linden is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Nationally Certified Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Therapist. He has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents, adults with ADD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder since 1982 and directs the Attention Learning Center and Attention Performance Center at two So Cal locations (Laguna Hills and Encinitas) since 1988. Dr. Linden works with athletes with concussions/head injuries, ADD and Aspergers 

Areas of Expertise: Urban education; Parent Involvement; NCLB educational access, Common Core Standards, Local Control Funding Formula and equity; parents and students rights; education reform; Parent Education. Mary Johnson, is an Adviser to Lynwood Unified School District Parent councils, specializes in the influence cultural competence: awareness of one’s own cultural worldview. Candidate for the South Gate City Council 2017. CONTACT:

Aura Imbarus is an educator, professional speaker, and the author of the critically acclaimed memoir, a Pulitzer Prize entry and Amazon best-seller, Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity. Born and raised in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania –or more precisely in “Dracula’s county Transylvania,” CONTACT:,

Kamala Nellen is the founder and owner of Coaching for Champions, a consulting firm for professional and elite athletes that utilizes the comprehensive science of yoga for peak performance. Nellen pioneered the method called The Art and Science of Working IN for Champion Sports Performance™, and is the author of the book Working IN: The Elite Athlete's Guide to Working Out From The Inside. CONTACT:,

Charles is a professional musician, music teacher and author of "Stabilizing Your Ladder"


Author Barry Heads II was born in,and grew up in Carson, California. He attended California State University, Fresno and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Divinity at Gateway Seminary. Barry’s previous work experience includes working in the United States Congress, the State Assembly for the State of California and the United States Department of Justice.


Author of six books including his latest "White Coat Fever". Two of his books were published by traditional publishing houses and four he self-published taking advantage of the changing landscape of book publishing. He resides in Los Angeles, CA and often works with new writers on developing characters.


Dr. Lyons is the founder of TRI3I Foundation which serves youth and families in the Los Angeles region. The life of Dr. Patricia Lyons is one of humility and service to the people. She is a retired administrator for the Los Angeles Unified School District. She is often asked to develop personnel or use her leadership skills to motivate students and staff. She is a mentor, motivator, and a philanthropist. Dr. Patricia J. Lyons began her career as an LAUSD student and her career has spanned 36 years. CONTACT:

CEO & President at African Bookstore


The History of the African Bookstore
Anthony Horatio Harrison is an African-Jamaican, born on February 13, 1933 in Kingston Jamaica, and the founder of the African Bookstore. In the 1990's Anthony Harrison, after working several years as a Precision Machinist, from the United Kingdom to the United States of America, always believed that his children along with his community should constantly engage themselves with constructive information. Through this firm belief he started to sell books. Anthony Harrison sold books from his vehicle from 1992 until August 1994, after that period he opened the first African Bookstore in Broward County, Florida. The store flourished and therefore with that success he continued to support and encourage economic stability, self-reflection, independence, and empowerment of the community. The African Bookstore has now taken on a more advanced approach through the new millennium by enlarging their website under new leadership. Anthony Harrison’s daughters who are educators, along with new Technological Executive personnel, are familiar with the dynamics of the Internet age, and so they continue to inspire others to read, and are firm believers in the educational process of self-knowledge and enrichment.


Treasure is a highly qualified Financial Coach with the passion for helping people get back to work, and learn the skills of Money Management   Helping business owners take their business to the next financial level.  Helping them to understand the real financial needs of their business in order to find out the true growth of the business and where it should be going.   After 20 years she is currently a Financial Coach for Coalition for Responsible Community Development, (CRCD.) Treasure is a pioneer in Financial Coaching.  


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