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Growing up in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Wayne Lyons II was driven to succeed in both academics and sports. He graduated from Dillard High school as the valedictorian with a 4.8 GPA and over 50 full ride football scholarship offers. Wayne chose to attend Stanford University where he studied Architectural Design and graduated in four years with a Bachelor’s of science and arts in the engineering department. For his junior and senior year project, Wayne worked to help design the ferry port terminal for the Google workers that traveled to work from San Francisco to Redwood City, Palo Alto in addition to a 20 unit residential community project sponsored by the Solar Decathlon Building Association. Also, Wayne took on a minor in African American Studies before graduating in June of 2015.


Although he had an opportunity to be in the BCS college football championship series 3 out of the 4 years he played football for Stanford University, upon his senior year was faced with the decision to leave college and pursue a professional football career or further his education. He chose to utilize his fifth year of college eligibility and play football for the University of Michigan as a graduate transfer student. At the University of Michigan, He chose to pursue a master's degree in the school of social work. After only two years, he was able to graduate from the University of Michigan with a masters of social work degree. 


Wayne then created a nonprofit organization that focuses on mentoring and tutoring young students to enable them to become the best citizens and students possible. The name of the nonprofit is Empire For The Youth (EFTY). Wayne is currently traveling and networking to connect with companies, nonprofits, and for-profits, to build an alliance between all people working towards a positive goal to enhance and empower many communities across the globe.


Wayne is licensed in the health and life insurance industry, as well as a certified travel agent through the vacation travel club called Paid2Save (P2S). He also works to bring health and wellness into the communities by working with a company that has headquarters in Michigan named Total Life Changes (TLC). Wayne is now currently working as a business consultant for a mastermind consortium, which hosts and provides many forms of business opportunities and multiple streams of income for all leaders interested in networking on their journey as an entrepreneur. Wayne Lyons II is also a creative writer and author who actively blogs. If you would like to learn more about the life of Wayne Lyons II, you can follow him on all social media platforms.

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