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Contributing Author
"Success Stories Insights by African American Men"

Casey Cummings, Branding Manager, Entrepreneur  

A graduate of Northwestern University where he played football for legendary Coach Dennis Green. Casey is a Los Angeles-based Branding professional. I am in the perfect opportunity for my passion and background. I enjoy helping brands manage all elements of image management and branding.  If you know of anyone looking for business or school identity and branding send them my way. I am happy to help.

Specialties: client relations, sales, branding and identity, people development, talent recruitment 


He currently is working on his FUXION business based here in Southern California.  (Long Beach) 

"So much to say about this guy. First off his work ethic is outstanding. Very detailed. Very goal oriented. His ability to communicate with colleague's and customers is amazing. This man has professional written all over him, but not only is he professional. He's that guy in the office that brings everyone's spirit up. Casey is happy 100% of the time and I am so thankful for the opportunity to call him my friend and colleague." Julio Vaught, Founder of One Vision Development LLC.

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