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J.R. Horsting

818 590 1823

J.R. Horsting , is CEO of  IPS Studios (Intellectual Property System Studios) has worked with many studios. Universal, Sony, Warner Bros. On games, mobile, platform, TV, and movies in both writing and design. Years of advertising experience with major brands and successful product launches like Mercedes, Diet Coke, and McDonald's. 


IPS Studios is a creative holding and development company.


We have reached minimal viable product (MVP) with our streaming channel


Community building, chat, live stream media, and tailored content.


Our team includes developers of Augmented and Virtual Reality mobile apps: 

  •         Coders for Unity & Unreel engines for AR/VR mobile

  •         Social Media, Live Streaming, Web, and Mobile Experts.

  •         Script writers for game development

  •         Animators

  •         3D Motion immersive capture

  •         Game Design

  •         Marketing and Graphics

  •         Multiple defensible patents


Our game platform will start with baseball and be able to address any sport.  Whave two award winning animation houses very interested in the production of the game graphics.


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