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Fernando is the President of Black Flower Gaming. An eSports Tournament company located in Southern California. The focus of Black Flower Gaming is collegiate eSports for the average student, hosting Intramural and Club Sports tournaments in Southern California and the nation.


Ferando's experience is a heavy set of the Engineering world. He graduated in 2008 with an Associate in Architecture. Fernando has been in the Environmental and Engineering field for the past twelve years. Fernando managed many projects for soil gases impaction on building and designed its mitigation systems. During my time in the industry, he acquired a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from California State University Dominguez Hills.


While attending Fernando was Vice President of Public Relation for the Latino Student Business Association. He brought many sponsors and was able to bring more academically driven events and corporate mixer at venues such as the Los Angeles Galaxy Stadium.  also opened up the first Esports Association on campus and community-driven focused on impacting the students in ways to foster the industry hybrid positions. Such as marketing, gaming along with computer science and the business world. He brings a very diverse set of skills that he acquired during his time in construction and engineering along with the gaming world. This allows Fernando to be flexible and nimble to lead his company into the esports realm.




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