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June 2020 Spotlight

High school students started eSports league.

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Summer 2018 Feature

High school students starting eSports league.

Revelation Gaming Founders by Cherished

We often hear about how lazy the current generation is, but these three siblings conceived a business and are looking for support to make that goal a reality. Well, Bianca Myrie, and her two brothers, Gabriel, and Lorenzo Myrie, have founded Revelation Gaming, a Christian based eSports organization, and a league, founded in Hackensack, New Jersey. 


The goal is to give Christians the safe space they need in order to feel comfortable playing video games. They pray that the campaign is a blessing to you and that you would help them reach our goal so we can get more Christian gamers in eSports!



Welcome to a new generation of athletes—pro-gamers.
Did you know? 
- Traditional sports is a $700 billion industry 
- Goldman Sachs predicts the number of esports enthusiasts could reach 250 million by 2021. 
- Teams from baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer—and even the Olympics—are investing in esports.

See who’s jumping in, and learn why investing in esports is the smart move.


"NBA commissioner Adam Silver described pro-gamers as the “new generation of athletes”. Arsenal F.C.’s Mesut Özil launched his own esports organization. Manchester City’s esports team partnered with headset company Turtle Beach. And, topping it all off, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) established the Esports Liaison Group (ELG). 
The relationship between t-sports (traditional sports) and esports has never been closer." Source 

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