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Bob Grant is leader, innovator, visionary and selfless. He has been on the forefront in so many ways it’s hard to began, as one of the players who help to integrated sports in America, his low-key selfless style is distinct. He was one of the first African-American sports legends to be extremely successful in business. He has been and continues to be a leader within the ranks of the retired NFL Players, and their fight for the equity, rights and justice. He is one of the founders of the Players Congress which represents all former NFL players.

Grant, who is married and a father of three, is also a businessman. His job titles have included president of Cal American Companies, president of Uncle Moki's Kahana Bay Trading Co., Inc. and president of North Shore Traders, Inc. Grant was a second-round draft pick of the Baltimore Colts of the National Football League, winning a Super Bowl ring in 1971. Grant splits time living in Honolulu, Hawaii and San Pedro, Calif. He attended Wake Forest University on an academic and athletic scholarship, becoming one of the first African Americans to play college football in the south.

Players Congress


Players Congress is an independent alumni organization that represents 19,000 plus retired NFL Players and their families. Players have relatively short careers and are often faced with debilitating economic and medical hardship after their playing days are over. Players Congress helps players support themselves by developing business initiatives and strategic partnerships with private and public sector organizations to generate additional income. 


Proceeds from sales of NFL licensed apparel is distributed to retired players based on need. Our initial grantees are 90 year old NFL pioneers. We invite you to support the Players Congress and contact us to learn more about our business partnerships, youth programs, and family initiatives

USC Legend Anthony Davis with Bob Grant and business associate at the kick-off event January 2017 in Los Angeles

Reggie Berry with NFL legend Rosey Grier and his wife at the kick-off event January 2017 in Los Angeles.

The kick-off event January 2017 in Los Angeles at JH Designs.

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