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I began my football career over forty five years ago at age 11 and was hospitalized with my most severe concussion during my third year of Pop Warner at age 13. Eight years and multiple concussions later, I suffered a concussion against the Dallas Cowboys, was told to “suck it up” and was administered over 20 smelling salts to keep me on the field. A Super Bowl win and nine brain surgeries later, it’s time we address this issue and find ways to help the millions of kids who have and will suffer the long term affects from concussions. To address this ever worsening problem, we’ve compiled a team of the very best medical and sports professionals, and the latest cutting edge technologies in concussion prevention, testing, treating, and recovery. Combined with my personal 35 years experience of living with multiple traumatic brain injuries and gran mal seizures, we created The Visger Game Plan For Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery. The Visger Game Plan is a brain injury recovery protocol for all stakeholders involved with concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.For decades I was told there were few options available for recovery, other than a wait and see philosophy. That was not good enough.

I do not want another mother’s child and countless others go through what my family has endured because of my injuries from concussions. I have proven you can recover and continue to be productive. Let’s start believing we can prevent and heal these injuries. We cannot afford to wait five years and countless wasted hours in research. We’ve lost 10 former NFL players to suicide the last five years, and all tested positive for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE. Up to 22 military vets per day commit suicide due to brain injuries and PTSD. We need to implement these strategies now! Each technology has a proven track record and too many traumatic brain injury survivors and family members are suffering. There is no silver bullet. A combination of various modalities and techniques can help brain injury survivors recover their lives bit by bit. 

In 2014 he received the Moving Mountains TBI Advocate Of The Year award, and has been featured on CNN, NPR, ESPN Outside The Lines, Readers Digest, Sports Digest and numerous media stations throughout the country and in London and Brazil.  George is featured in Gridiron Gladiators – The History and Uncertain Future of American Football (, and will be featured in former All Pro Dallas Cowboys Doug Cosbie’s docu-drama Head First. George has been published in Slate Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, co-authored the e-book OUT OF MY HEAD: My Life in and Out of Football with Irv Muchnick (, and is in the final edits of a full length biography.  

Short, Choppy Steps

 ~ George Visger  
SF 49ers 80 & 81  
Biologist/TBI Consultant 

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