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South Carolina, USA

Pat Dane is an Entrepreneurial driven individual who has been able to accomplish much during his successful 30 year career in business. In July 1995, Dane created, and was CEO of, Dane Interactive, Inc. ( ) a boutique consulting company that assisted Internet Companies in three key areas: 1) Developing & Executing a Strategy that takes advantage of the companies unique “Value proposition”, 2) Designing a Business Model that makes money and 3) Bringing together potential Partners that add value to the business or “Rainmaking”. It also advises startup & “Strategically Stalled” companies on areas such as Fund raising and M&A strategies. The Client list during it’s existence included companies such as, Compaq, Softbank, Microsoft, Ernst & Young,,, Hewlett Packard, Compuserve, Hanes, The Learning Company, Nu Skin International & Big Planet, Network Associates and Wolf Camera.


Dane was the first outside Business Development “Catalyst” for four of the current top ten e-commerce subscription sites. eFax, Gator, McAfee and NetFlix worked with Dane to gain their initial market momentum back in the late 1990’s. These sites today thrive on taking care of key e-commerce needs for the consumer marketplace.

Dane has spent 30 years in the high technology business. He spent 15 years in Sales and Marketing at Xerox where he was responsible
with bringing the "Alto" Computer, Ethernet and File, Print & Communication Servers out to the public from the Palo Alto Research center (PARC) in 1980. Additionally he was the creator of the award winning slogan “Team Xerox” and other pioneering efforts.


As Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Dove Computer Corp in 1990, Dane introduced the MacWorld World Class Award winning DoveFax Modem. As a General Manager with Calera Recognition Systems, Dane was responsible for bringing FaxGrabber to the retail & OEM marketplace. While President & CEO of SofNet he launched the category-leading FaxWorks for Windows. Dane co-founded and ran Pipeline Communications which introduced online warranty registration to the Computer industry in 1993. This service is used by over 75 of the top PC manufacturers and ISV’s in the Marketplace today.

In the Spring of 1996, Dane Founded ( ) an online PC service center. Quarterdeck Corporation acquired this “Pioneer” among the Internet subscription-based businesses in May of 1997. Symantec Corporation acquired Quarterdeck in the late 1998 timeframe. In September 1996, Dane & Mike Walter began broadcasting a weekly radio show devoted to the Internet called: Pat & Mike's World Wide Web Radio Show. The show was very successful in helping build the Brand. Additionally, the Show, sponsored by CompuServe, Yahoo!, Ziff
davis, Hewlett-Packard, Office, McAfee and USA TODAY, had a growing, worldwide audience on the Internet and in 27 real radio markets. The Show was picked up for national syndication by Premiere Radio Networks in mid 1997.

PM Media, Inc., a Joint Venture between Dane & Walter, produced the Pat & Mike Show and The HappyPuppy Radio Show, a show devoted to gamers and sponsored by Attitude Network and Micron Electronics. PM Media also produced remote audio broadcasts for sponsors such as Sprynet and Hewlett-Packard.

In the summer of 1998 Dane Co-Founded a new and innovative Internet company, Cybermovers.Net ( Cybermovers was the world’s first “Virtual Moving” company that helps small businesses and individuals move their information and material onto their web site. A new job was created by the company called a “Personal Virtual Mover” ( PVM ). This person is the “go to” expert to help companies and families keep their web sites up to date and fresh. Cybermovers was sold to a Dallas, Texas based company in December, 1998 and later sold to Bell South.

Dane Founded in February 2003. TruFina’s business goal is to provide identity verification services for the 60 plus millon people that participate in Internet Dating. Dane handed off TruFina to the current Management team in the fall of 2003 when he Co-Founded MyPublicInfo.

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Dr. Harold Kraft, Brandi Winans, and Pat Dane in Los Angeles for the Impact Concussion Conference.

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