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Visionary | Entrepreneur | Technologist | Author

Bryan is a cooperative economic strategist. He has been working tirelessly to disrupt the network marketing industry since 1998 and we are competing with the likes of Amazon.

Bryan is the Co-Author of Network Marketing Success? - "The greatest STORY ever SOLD!" and is currently writing, Caught Up In Capitalism.  He founded (formerly 1iMALL.COM, and founded as - Making A Difference - in 1998, an ADVERTISING & INTERNET SHOPPING MALL, AMAZON SBS FRANCHISE-like model to DISRUPT the over $165 BILLION a year Network Marketing industry).  He also created the™ – a way to collaboratively share WEALTH.  He is the MAYOR of Crenshaw Boulevard!


BAMway has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine; newspapers such as Rolling Out, The Urban Business Journal, L.A. Watts Times, Our Weekly; and on the Black Enterprise Report on NBC.  Bryan has spoken across the nation with highly respected names such as Les BrownBishop Noel Jones, Tavis Smiley, George Fraser, Min. Tony Muhammad, Carl Nelson, Russell Simmons and Gerri Detweiler, just to name a few. Bryan is proud to refer to Abe Thompson (a very close friend to Oprah), Emmitt McHenry (the inventor of the .com model) and Dr. J. Owens Smith (a brilliant Political Scientist) as three of his Advisors a.k.a. Jegnas. Bryan's birth date, March 4, 1962, is very apropos. March forth is a command to "move forward" and that is exactly what Bryan does.  In 1973 at 11 years old, Bryan won the “I AM SOMEBODY” essay contest and was the star of the KABC nationally televised contest.

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