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200 2nd Ave South Suite 318
St.Petersburg, Florida 33701
US: +1 (727)-342-0419

Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

Brandi Winans

MBTI,CDP-I,Personal Development/Athlete Transitioning (Pro/College/High School/Family) Teens/Adults

Founder, Pro-Athletes Transition, LLC., Chapter Engagement Coordinator NFL Alumni Tampa Bay Chapter Santa Monic


Personal Development|Athlete Transition Coach
Athlete Transitioning for Current, Former Professional Athletes/ High School/Collegiate
NFL Alumni, Tampa Bay: Chapter Engagement Coordinator, Secretary 
Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner StepI/StepII (Teens and Adults)
D.i.S.C. Personality Assessments (Teens and Adults)
Facilitator/Conflict Competence
Conflict Dynamic Profile-I 
 Unique Life Skill Programs (Teens and Young Adults)
Train the Trainer
Published Author: The Flip Side of Glory, The Stepping Stones of Life.
Creator of The Family Toolbox Series (Whats in Your Playbook?), Reprogram You Series, The Wannabe Series, Harness The Power of Your Passion and
Overcoming Life's Obstacles in an Everyday World. 

Brandi is a sought-after Speaker, Transition Coach, practitioner and facilitator taking you or your organization to the next level by providing inspirational keynotes, seminars, and workshops and one-on-one coaching customized to meet your needs.

Her Unique Life Skills and Wannabe Outreach Programs for Teens and Young Adults help them to develop their natural born gifts and talent and direct their career development and or transitioning from Professional Sports/College or High School to include the "Family" Unit.



Pro Athletes Transition


As the wife of a former NFL player for over 30 years, she knows first-hand what it takes to keep the "Family" unit together by redefining the "Playbook to include the family". Working with former players and families since 2008, she recently Founded Pro-Athletes Transition, LLC., expanding to High School/College athletes and now dedicates her life to helping others (Faith-based or Secular). Brandi has a way of empowering and inspiring others from speaking on her Memoir, "The Flip Side Of Glory" to her motivating, fun filled Seminars and Workshops. She has created and developed a broad variety of programs, workshops, and seminars including The Family Toolbox, Re-Program You Series, The Stepping Stones OF Life, The Wanna Be Seminars and various outreach programs for current and former Professional Athletes and their families including "Re-Define Your Playbook".


Super Agent Leigh Steinberg and Brandi at the Impact Conference in Los Angeles, CA, USA

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