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Our Four Pillars

We Celebrate
  1. The Entrepreneurial Spirit 
  2. A Win - Win Business Philosophy 
  3. Giving Back = Educational Opportunities
  4. Capitalism with Ethics 

The Business Circle™ Expectations


1. All transactions adhere to our Pillars. 
2. Services are professional. 
3. Products are of the highest quality. 
4. Communications are professional and civil.


This is not a network for everyone, nor will everyone be allowed to join.  We developed this as a closed group dedicated to doing business with like-minded, progressive, forward thinking, individuals and companies.  We are all about nurturing quality relationships. Thank you for visiting The Business Circle.


We're not about just networking we are about relationship development.


WHY JOIN The Business Circle™
You are a business leader looking to work with a network of other influential leaders, The Business Circle™ is for you.

Your membership gives you access to our private business network as well as, connect you with other members of whom you will find great value in doing business with.

The Business Circle™ provides our members with the opportunity to attend private meetings and our annual convention.


Join The Business Circle™

The Business Circle™ membership team will contact you to schedule your interview for membership.

Once you formally apply, your application will be reviewed by The Business Circle™. You will be notified once the process is complete, all to ensure you meet all membership criteria

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