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Scientifically Advanced Golf Technology


Dorn Beattie is an award-winning singer/songwriter and multi-discipline designer. Mr. Beattie is also an inventor with multiple patents, copyrights and Trademarks to his credit.



Harmonix Golf is focused on innovative new products for the golf industry and is has two patent protected products that are scientifically advanced in design and available to all 80 million golfers world-wide who wish to improve their Putting skills. The Harmonix Live Head Putter is the most scientifically advanced putter design in over 50 years. Harmonix PULSE is a powerful Training Aid for any golfer who desires to master the art of putting. Third party tests confirm that the Harmonix Live Head Putter launches the ball with immediate forward rotation, it delivers 33% less 'skid' and gets the ball going 12.5% faster to'Pure Roll. If you understand golf you know this is the 'Holy Grail' of putter design. No other manufacturer can make these claims!

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